We Get One Shot At This Gig Right Here, Life. So, Do Not Wait, Go Forward..

Time waits for no man. Life goes by and it goes by quick. Don’t waste those years, don’t waste them, live them. I want you to be terrified of sitting on the sidelines and doing nothing. Waking up in six days, or six weeks, or six years or sixty years and being no closer to your goal. You’ve made no progress. That is the nightmare. That is what you really need to be afraid of. Being stagnant. So, get up and go. That idea isn’t going to execute itself. That book isn’t going to write itself, those weights out in the gym, they aren’t going to move themselves. You have to do it. And you have to do it now. Don’t wait anymore, don’t think anymore, don’t plan anymore, don’t contemplate anymore, don’t make any more excuses or justifications, don’t rationalize anything else, just execute and take the risk, take the gamble, take the first step, take action now. No complacency. No backing off. No slack whatsoever.

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No more dreaming. Dreaming is over. I need specifics. What are you doing on Monday? What are you doing on Tuesday? What are you doing on Wednesday? You need to be very specific. It’s time to put your pieces together of your puzzle.


You need to be in a big damn hurry. Time is running out on you. There’s 86400 seconds in a day. The separator between men and you, and people that win and lose is what we do with those seconds. And you’re too slow, you’re too casual, you think too much. You need to get in a hurry. Because there’s an end of your life and it’s coming sooner than you think, it goes by in a flicker. And at some point, it’s gonna be over. And we wanna make a conscious, deliberate, determined effort to start living life with a sense of urgency, and using what we’ve got. Using ourselves up. Sharing what we brought into the universe to share. Because if we don’t, nobody else will. Stop wasting valuable time. If we begin to live our lives as if each day were our last, our lives will take on a whole new meaning.


When you die, when life is over for you

When you die, when life is over for you, i don’t want you to have one idea left in you, i don’t want one dream left in you. When you die, i want you to go for broke. Every cd that you were supposed to do, every book you were supposed to write, i want you to get everything out of your system.


We get one shot at this gig right here, life. So, do not wait, go forward. No more waiting for the perfect moment, and no more indecision, and no more lies. Take the action, get out of bed, get your feet on the ground, step forward. Give every day everything you’ve got. Every ounce of energy, every bead of sweat, every drop of blood, until your last breath. And don’t let another day slip by.


Share with your loved ones and help them to feel their confidence.


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