When You Are True Hunter, You Don’t Go By Time

Every day in Africa in the safari a lion wakes up. And every single day in the safari a gazelle wakes up. Now, this is critical, what is the different between a gazelle and what is the different between a lion? What I discovered is the gazelle is running from something. So as long as the lion is chasing the gazelle, the gazelle is running. But as soon as the lion stops chasing the gazelle, it stops. 

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And that is a lot of you in this blog. You’ll run, you’ll do what you’re supposed to do, as long as you’re getting pushed, as long as you’re getting motivated, as long as somebody is encouraging you, as long as somebody’s coaching you, as long as somebody’s pushing you, as long as somebody’s prodding you, you’re doing what you’re supposed to do. As along as somebody’s calling you, as long as somebody’s enticing you, as long as somebody’s giving you rewards, you’re moving. But as soon as that stops, you stop.


And I ask myself the question about the lion. And I said the lion is not running to be rewarded, the lion is running to eat. Because the lion realizes when he kills the gazelle, not only does he eats the gazelle, but he brings it back home. So, you’ve gotta ask yourself what’s you why? And if that thing is internal, if nobody has to call you, if nobody has to prod you, if nobody has to reward you, if you are self-motivated and self-regulated, you can have it, you can be it, you can do it.


When you are true hunter, you don’t go by time, you go by the gazelle. You don’t hunt from 8 to 3, why? Because the gazelle may not be open from 8 to 3. You hunt until you get a gazelle and you don’t stop until you get one. And then you get another, listen to me, a 9 to 5 person, they make a sale and they’re excited. When you get to my level and you get one thing, then you try get to the next level. A true hunter hunts. A true hunter’s goal is not the prize, a true hunter’s goal is to hunt, that’s why they live for. They live to to hunt. They don’t just live to catch it, it’s the whole process.


I am saying there’s some of you who read this blog, you might not be a lion yet, you might have small beginnings. You might not have a lot of money, you might not have a lot of resources, but there’s no excuse. And I need you to understand, for those of you who are 70% beast mode, 30% gazelle, that’s just enough for that other person to out do you. There are only 86400 second in a day. And you gotta not only operate in them, you gotta do it quick, you gotta do it fast, you gotta do it in a hurry, why? Because there’s somebody else who’s on the same track, you’re on. Somebody else, they’re in the same path you’re on.


There’s somebody else just like you trying to do it, and sometimes they’re working just as hard as you’re working, they’re putting in just as much sweat, just as much tears, just as much blood, bot you just gotta do what? You gotta do it faster that they do it. You gotta do it quicker that they do it, are you listening to what I am telling you? That’s why I wake up at 4 o’clock in the morning because if you’re getting up at 6, might be smarter than me, you might.


You might have more privilege than me, you might. You might have more resources than me, you might. But I am gonna get up earlier than you and I am gonna do it faster than you do it. So by the time you get up with all your resources, by the time you get up, with all your privilege, by the time you get up, with all your stuff, I’ve already finished the race. Are you hearing me? It’s hard. Yep, it’s hard. Yep, it’s difficult. Yep, why? Because the process is weeding out, he weak. It is weeding out the weak. And so sometimes you got to play hard, you got to play physical, you got to play tough. Because the game itself is tough. The game itself is hard. But I know you got what it takes.


Listen to me, this is how you do it. Over 6,7 years ago, with no money, no human resources, no building, no funding, no support, the first this we did was we dream, we wrote the dream down, we slept the dream, we ate the dream, we rehearsed the dream, we looked at the dream, we talked about the dream, we slept with the dream, we woke up to the dream, we wore the dream, and now boom. It’s our reality.


And for some of you, you stopped dreaming. You dream for a week and you stop cause things around you don’t look good. You dream for a month and when you hit in the month, you quite and you give up. You dream for a while and when people tell you you’re crazy, and when people tell you you’re stupid, and when the people tell you it can never get done, you stop dreaming and you go back to knowledge. And I dare you to use your imagination. I dare you when you’re broke to use your imagination, I dare you when you’re rich to use your imagination, I dare you under every single circumstance, keep dreaming, keep looking at your dream, keep focusing on your dream, keep going after the dream, because that’s where true success is.

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