You Gotta Work Because You Know What’s Gonna Happen

What you gonna do to get better today? Today, not tomorrow, not next week, not next year when you think you’re gonna have plenty of time to do what you want, get your priorities straight. That’s not gonna happen. And definitely not gonna happen if you don’t start putting in the work today. Nobody’s gonna life the weights for you, nobody’s gonna do the pull ups for you, nobody’s gonna go out  and put in the road work for you. You gotta do all that yourself. Quit waiting for the perfect time, quit waiting for the perfect situation to occur, it’s not gonna happen. You wanna know when the time is right? The time is right now.

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So, what are you doing with your time? Are you doing something productive? Are you moving towards your goal? Making yourself better? Or are you letting time slip by wasted? Stop wasting time and get after it. You cannot stop. Rest if you must, but you cannot stop and question your circumstance and situation so much so, that while you could be working, while you could be further along the road less traveled, you’re sitting there contemplating like, you’re sitting there moaning about it, you’re sitting there complaining about it, and I get it, I understand, but you gotta work. 


You cannot stop. Rest if you must, but you cannot stop


You gotta work because you know what’s gonna happen? You’re gonna wake up 60 days later, 90 days later, and everything is gonna change but you. And you’re gonna get the same results you got because you’re the exact same person.  So work. You don’t get bulk by staring at weights. You don’t get healthier by staring at it. You get healthier by running up to it and grabbing it, and pushing it. Push through that stuff. Push through it. Just keep working. I need you to woke up every day and say”Today I will not stop. I will not give up. I will not give in.” Nobody said it would be easy, if it was easy, everybody would do it. 


With every great thing in life there is gonna be sacrifice


With every great thing in life there is gonna be sacrifice. With every great thing in life there is gonna be work. And with every great thing in life there is gonna be time. You’re gonna have to make difficult decisions, you’re gonna have to put in the work, and you’re gonna have to be patient. But if you Can combine those three things, that’s what makes great things happen, that’s what builds epic lives, and builds ultimate realizations of potential. But you never gonna be able to do it if you keep kicking the stuff down the road.


Make this year, the year that you commit to yourself, that you’re going to make progress. All it takes is some discipline and some hard-nosed dedication, some hard-nosed commitment. If you can commit to winning every day this year, your life will be drastically different this time next year.

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