What Makes The Difference In The Quality Of People's Lives?

What makes the difference in the quality of people's lives? What makes some people leaders and other people followers? What makes most people talk about a dream and never follow through? And other people, just a small percentage. Kick ass. Take names. You can throw any obstacle at them. They find a way to break through. What's the difference? It's not talent. It's not skill. It's hunger. If you get enough hunger going in you for an answer, you'll find the answer. If you get hungry enough inside of you that says, I got to take things to the next level. I got to cheat. I got to make a difference. I got to expand. You will find the answer.

People's intelligence will expand if they got enough hunger. But if you got everything and you're not hungry, you're not going to have much. There comes a day where push comes to shove or being mediocre, being, like, average and just getting burned and sucks so much, you can't feel that. One more day and you get off your ass and you create something that's always been there. And no matter what happens, I'm never going to be in this boat again. And you get up and you go. You're going to get enough, Just keep going. Keep going. You're a wild man. It's within you. And the people that have risen to that level were no different than any one of us. It’s just they believed it, and they're willing to woke their keen ass off to get it. It wasn't about the potential. It wasn't about the genetics. It was about the perseverance. And it was about being the hardest team worker in the room. 

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A game. All I got is A game. I ain't got to be a B game. I ain't got a c Game. When I finished, people are relying on me. Some of you all, when you get on the field, you forgot what it was like when you were hustling in high school, playing ball. When you were in college. Hustling to get to this point. But the difference between me and most people is you might be sweeter than me. You might be bigger than me. You might grind. Listen to me. I don't know. You might have money. I don't know where you come from, but you will not out of me. 


Every single time. Nobody gave me this, I earned it. Life wasn't a Crystal stair for me then. Didn’t Nobody gave me a network. I earned the network. Everybody say, how did you crack the codes? I grinned my way through the code. That's how I cracked it. 


Get up. Act like you playing basketball. Act like you playing football. Compete. That's what bothers me. Many of you are not competing. I need effort. Compete. Act like you played football. Go to that dark classroom. Compete. Many of you have lost your competitive edge. Get your competitive edge back. I'm not against no other motivational speaker. I'm just competitive. You're not giving 120, you giving 70, you giving 60. You giving 50 and you want with these people who've given sweats? Who's given blood Who's given tears, you want what they paid for and it ain't free and you gotta get to a point where you are so locked in, you are so centered that you don't hear anything around you. All you hear is the dream saying let's go deep. One more class, one more hour. Push. We not gonna wait, we gonna do work. We gotta put in work. Because every time you put in work you get the same consequences. You get paid. You get rewarded.


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  2. “You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

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