6 Women's Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in 4 Weeks

Do you want to transform your body in just four weeks? Many of us wish to lose weight and tone our bodies. But everything appears to be complicated. There are thousands of exercises to choose from, and you don't know which ones to do. We'll go over six exercises for women that can completely transform your body in just four weeks.

6 Women's Exercises That Will Transform Your Body in 4 Weeks

How to Transform our Body in 4 Weeks

1 Table Top Extension

Do you want to tone your thighs, abs, and back? Yes, there are a lot of muscle groups to target, but the right body exercise will target them all at once. All you have to do is incorporate table top extensions into your daily exercise routine.

Begin by assuming the table position. This requires you to get down on your hands and knees. Your knees should be directly beneath your hips. Your shoulders, wrists, and elbows should be perpendicular to the floor and in a straight line. Keep your head in a neutral position and your gaze fixed on the ground. Lift your left arm and extend it forward so that your elbows are not bent. Make sure your hand is parallel to the floor. Simultaneously, extend the right leg straight back with no knee bend. Maintain the position for a few seconds. Return to the starting position and do the same with the other arm and leg.

It will be difficult at first to hold the position for even three seconds. However, with time and practice, your endurance will improve. You will be able to hold for a longer period of time. Because tabletop exercises are so beneficial, many pilates mat exercises begin with them. After all, toned thighs, buttocks, abs, and back are essential for overall fitness and appearance.

2 Ball Twist

Do you want a strong, toned core? Who doesn't, after all? A flexible, toned core looks great and is necessary for proper body posture. When you work on your core muscles, you will develop a strong lower back. You are less likely to experience lower back pain. If you want to tone your body through weight lifting, you'll need strong core muscles. This will keep your lower back safe from injuries. Such injuries are common when lifting weights with poor posture.

Your core muscles aren't strong enough to support the weight. This ball twist exercise is a fun way to strengthen your core. Play your music and get started right away. All you have to do is stand with your back to the wall. Bend your knees outwards slightly. Raise a medium-sized medicine ball to your chest level in your hands. Twist from one side to the other. Begin slowly and gradually increase your speed over time.

3 Downward Dog Pull

Oh, it's exactly what it sounds like. You strike the pose of a dog stretching its leg after waking up from a deep sleep. And don't be surprised if your dog wants to join you. No dog ever complains about having some fun! The "downward dog Yoga pose" is similar to this exercise. This exercise is great for targeting your thighs, core, and bottom muscles.

The steps are as follows. Get down on your hands and knees. Your knees should be directly beneath your hips, and your hands should be slightly forward of your shoulders. Turn your toes in and spread your palms on the floor. Return your weight to your heels. You've moved into the downward dog position. Lift your left leg up while balancing your body weight on both palms and the other leg. Your stretched out leg should be straight with no knee bend. Keep that posture for a few seconds. Bring your raised leg down to your chest. Repeat the process with the other leg.

Start slowly with this exercise. Begin with two sets of ten repetitions and work your way up.

4 Squats

Squats irritate me. Seriously. This is the one exercise that I always try to avoid. We're talking about a lot of sweat and hard work. But then I realize how useful they are. Squats work several muscle groups, including the thighs, knees, and hips. Begin with simple bodyweight squats if you're a beginner. You can gradually add weight in the form of kettlebells or dumbbells.

This exercise will help you become more flexible while also strengthening your muscles and bones. They also strengthen your knees. However, keep in mind that improper form can result in injury. Squats are performed by standing with your feet slightly wider than the distance between your hips. Your toes should point outwards by 5 to 20 degrees. Choose a point on the wall that is in your line of sight. When performing the squat, keep your gaze fixed on this point rather than the floor. Straighten your arms so that they are parallel to the ground. Your weight should be distributed evenly between the balls and heels of your feet. Send your hips back and bend your knees as you breathe deeply.

Remember that your hips should move backward, followed by your knee bends. Squat down while keeping your knees in line with your feet. Return to a standing position after squatting low enough so that your hips are lower than your knees.

5 Dead Bug Exercise

The name may sound creepy, but the exercise isn't. It's actually enjoyable and will add variety to your daily workout routine. The dead bug exercise works your core muscles to strengthen your abs. The name is derived from the way you appear when performing this exercise while lying on your back. The same as a dead bug.

To begin, lie on your back. Raise your legs and bend your knees at a 90-degree angle. Check that they are parallel to the floor. Extend your arms and reach for your bended knees. Lower one leg and one arm slowly until they are near the floor but not touching. The other leg and arm should remain elevated. Hold for a couple of seconds. Feel the strain in your abdominal muscles. Exhale and inhale. Return to neutral and switch sides gradually. Rep with the opposite leg and arm.

If this is your first time doing this exercise, take your time. 2 sets of 5 repetitions each would be a good starting point. After a week, progress to two sets of ten repetitions, or four sets of five.

6 Plank

Planks had to be on the list. Planks are essential for any body transformation workout. It is the ultimate fitness test that you can subject your body to. It appears difficult to maintain the plank position for more than a few seconds. Believe it or not, there is a world record holder who has held it for more than eight hours! Are you feeling discouraged? This gentleman is 62 years old. He broke the Guinness World Record by holding it for 8 hours, 15 minutes, and 15 seconds. So take my lead and get started.

Begin by holding the position for no more than 20 seconds. Try gradually increasing it to 1 minute over a few days. Increase the time gradually as you go. While they may appear difficult, planks are extremely beneficial in achieving a slimmer waistline, perfect abs, and increased endurance.

The only way to reap the benefits of this body weight exercise is to maintain proper form for as long as possible. To begin a plank, assume the ready position with your face to the floor. Put your hands beneath your shoulders. Your elbows should be lined under as well. Your toes should be pointed in the direction of your knees. If this is your first time, keep your feet wider than hip width apart. Keep your feet closer together as time goes on for more challenge and resistance.

From head to toe, your body should be in a straight line. Constrict your abs, glutes, and quads. Remember to take deep breaths in and out. Begin with small increments and work your way up.

Do you do any of these exercises? Do you find them easy to do? Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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