7 Powerful Life Lessons From the Eagle..

If you ever want to be something then be an Eagle! But never become a parrot in life because a parrot speaks a lot but cannot fly very high. But an eagle speaks very little but fly very high. And eagle has the will power to touch the sky. A parrot’s gift is to talk and an eagle’s gift is to fly and I’d rather be an eagle.

The Eagle is the king of the other birds so today I will tell you 7 mentalities and habits that every person should learn from an eagle. These are the most powerful mindset in the world. There is a great life learning in this seven mentalities and attitude of Eagle.

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First Lesson - Eagle fly alone

Eagle fly alone and higher than all other birds, eagle will fly alone but will never fly with a pigeon and sparrow or with any small birds. Eagle Either fly with eagle or fly alone and this teaches us a lesson that to stay away from narrow minded people, small minded people and stay alone. Because this is the time when you get the real chance to know yourself.


Second Lesson – Eagle’s vision is very clear and very strong.

Eagle can see its prey from five kilometers away and once it sees his target and goal clearly. Then no matter how difficult it is, no matter how hard it is, he hunts his target and achieve his goal. Here is a great lesion to learn from this too that keep your vision clear and achieve it no matter how hard it is. Do not hold back like that eagle.


Third Lesson – Eagle never eat dead things

Eagle never eat dead animals. He always hunts alive animals and this mindset of eagle teaches us that our past is dead its already gone. So, don’t pay attention to those dead rotten thoughts. Don’t waste your energy to the past that is gone rather than focus on your upcoming fresh life and focus on today, keep things current. The old memories of your past that hurt you, let them go say them good bye, let them be there where they belong, and your past has a place of itself don’t give it a place in your present. Don’t bring them back in your present. Because once your past takes place in your present, your past will never let you stay in the beautiful present. So, no matter how bad has happened to you in your past. All those thoughts and memories are already dead and gone. And become like that eagle who never eat dead things.


Fourth Lesson – Eagle love the storm

Eagles get excited when storm clouds gather. When the storm comes al the birds hides and scared but the eagle enjoys it a lot and they welcome the challenge it brings. When the strong wind blows the eagle fly even more high with the help of those winds, and when it flies very high it reaches even above the clouds. The life lesson to be learn from this mindset find the possibilities in the problems. Find the opportunities in the challenge. And the Napoleon hill once said that “Every great challenge brings a great opportunity with it”, so like that eagle embrace the challenges and learn from them. Recognize your opportunity and the day you start embracing challenge and start seeing the opportunities. All the difficulties will be under control of you and you will be over those difficulties.


Fifth Lesson – Eagle always remove soft grass from its nest

So that eagle’s baby cannot be comfortable in it. Because if he becomes comfortable in the nest he will stay there and would not be able to leave the comfort zone but the mother eagle never let this happen to her baby (that is mom love). Eagle is also a bird but imagine he knows that there is no growth in the comfort zone but we are human beings and despite being humans, many people do not understand this. “the more you stay in the comfort zone, the more you become lazy.” And the more uncomfortable your life will become in the future.


Sixth Lesson – Eagle test the power commitment before it trusts.

When a female eagle meets a male one that they want to mate, she tests the male eagle’s power of commitment. So she picks a twig and fly very high, once she has reached a height high enough for her. She lets the twig fall to the ground and tell the male one to catch it, he male chases the twig the faster it falls the faster he chases it. He has to catch it before it falls to the ground, because if he fails to catch it he will lose her trust. The lesson we can learn from this mindset is we must have to test the commitment of people, we intend to partner with, the people we hire. Establishing trust is important in relationships.


Seventh Lesson – Eagle love the painful process.

At the age 40 the eagle becomes old, the eagle has to make a painful decision at that moment die or go through a painful process of rebirth, which will extend its life for 30 more years. This process involves the painful task of knocking out its own beak and plucking out its talon so that new once can grow. This entire process takes about five months to complete. The life lesson we can learn from this mindset is if there is no pain there is no gain.


Many of us want success or changes but without the sacrifice, hard work, disappointments and heartbreak. It is impossible. To survive and grow we must be willing to change and sometimes, we may even need to go a step further a death of the old self and a total rebirth. Ending toxic relationships, leaving toxic jobs, getting rid of destructive habits, thought and tradition. And mind-sets that no longer serve us. And remember at the End we are all just stories just make it a good one.


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