The Ultimate Morning Routine for Success of Highly Successful People..

If you wanna take control of your life then take control of your morning, if you own the morning you can own your life! Because there is a miracle power in the morning and only those who wake up in the morning and start it right can understand the power of it, and the value of it. And whoever adopted this power like wake up in the morning and schedule that time. And use it right became successful, became the titan and the changed the world like elon musk, bill gates, warren buffet, they adopted the power of the morning. And i am telling you if you adopt this power you will make an impact in this planet.


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Now being completely honest you truly want to live and extraordinary life, you all want but what does it mean to live an extraordinary life to you? Now all of you have different dreams, someone want to be famous. Someone want to be rich. But living extraordinary life does not being famous or rich it means being happy being excited having freedom having everything you wanted for your life. No excuses no regrets having excited life, so are you happy right now with your life? Do you feel happy every day when you go to bed? Do you feel excited when you go to bed? Oh you have done everything that you wanted to do today? Do you ever feel when you go to bed that today was a great day? If you answered yes, please stop reading the this and i am happy for you. If you answered no and you want to grow, keep going!


The power of morning can give you that extraordinary life


The power of morning can give you that extraordinary life, if you use it rightly. You can have anything you dreamt of so how to use the power of the morning. First and foremost, i ask you a question and you ask yourself. Why did you wake up in the morning? Do you even think about it? Ask yourself. If you don’t know then you are living a mediocre life you have no direction. You have got to get up every morning with determination, if you are going to go to bed with satisfaction. As robin sharma stated one of the saddest thin in life is to get to an end and look back in regret. Knowing that you could have been done and so much more. Do you want to live like this? And look back with regrets in future? No absolutely not!


They best way to make your dreams come true is to decide that mediocrity is no longer acceptable for you


They best way to make your dreams come true is to decide that mediocrity is no longer acceptable for you. Most people wake up every day and stay the same. Don’t be the one of them. So, wake up and claim your greatness become the person that you always wanted to be and you will have that extraordinary life, which will be filled with an abundance of energy, love, happiness and success. So, wake up and get yourself in a powerful state. 


Your first job, as soon as you rise is to give thanks to the god. Give thanks you are alive. Give thanks for everything you do have. Give thanks for everything you usually take for granted, take 15 minutes every morning regularly, make a mental list writing them down is still better. Add them up and say loudly. Say it that is a wonderful day i have never seen this one before. Say thank you for this day thanks you for the amazing opportunity coming my way today, thank you for the attitude i show today! Thank you for every smile today. Thank you for every laugh, every moment of fun. This will make each day a masterpiece!


Your second job is picking the pen and paper up and schedule that time. Create an unbreakable morning routine. Ask yourself what do i want today? Write down your top three goals that you want to achieve today, set one important goal that will make you great today!


Your third job is starting your day with right attitude, if you don’t start your day off in the right attitude you will lose your direction at some point. You will break at some point. And chances are you end up in the negative state. Every morning when you wake up you have two choices for this day. To be happy or be unhappy a positive attitude or a negative attitude. And choose to be happy choose positive attitude that makes you unbreakable in every situation. That will give you the power to face every challenge through the day. Most people are not happy at the end of the day because they don’t start their day like this. They choose negative attitude.  If you can’t control your mind someday, and falling into trap of negative attitude unknowingly look at yourself in the mirror and repeat to yourself “today is going to be a great day” no matter what happens today i will see the good no matter what happens i will do the right thing no matter what happens i will give my all today. Today i will give my best so tomorrow will be better.


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