You Really Have to Set Your Mind to Acquiring a Certain Set of Skills

You really have to set your mind to acquiring a certain set of skills with all the efficiency in the world that you can, acquire those skills fist of all, that anything is possible as long as you set your mind to it and the most, and this is probably the most important lesson that I learned. What is working against you in your own mind.

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A good person will not take more from the table of life than they think they’re worth or they think they deserve, and so you have this governor on your identity so what happens is. It’s like a thermostat our lives get going. You start doing really well if you’re a seventy-five degree and out life gets to 85 and 90 degrees.  Unconsciously we go, we don’t know we’re doing it. We start to cool life back down to get it back to where we’re comfortable. The reverse is also true when things start to go really bad and you’re broke and you’re struggling. You find a way to heat your life back up to what you think you’re worth and deserve. So, the way we alter our life is sure we can alter our behavior and our relationships, and our circumstances, but the only it’s permanent. Is that we alter that governor, that thermostat and we start to believe where worth 85 degrees of life 95 degrees of life, 110 degrees of life, and there’s ways we can alter that.  


Are you willing to just jump? Because when you do, are you willing to spread your wings? Are you willing to do something, and be something different. Are you willing to get the edge, knowing you might fall, but also knowing you might be fly.


Working out is not life to me it’s not about the body, it’s totally about the mind. When you starting your day at 4.30am in the morning the rest of your day no matter what happens is a breeze. You’ve tackled the hardest part of your day no matter what goes on. Sometimes it’s just showing up and being able to push yourself a little bit more than yesterday, I call it finding your hard. You know when you find your heard every day. Man, life is a lot better. Because what happens is you’re either the CEO of your life or you’re gonna be life’s employee.


Is that you put yourself in circumstances, that are demanding of you past what you thinking your capacity is, and when you succeed at them you build a new water line, you do, you throw yourself out there past where you’re comfortable and you can you do it eighty fives degrees behavior and you knock it out of the park. Your brain starts to believe it, repetitiously when you start that you build a new line now you’re eight five degrees, that’s number one. The second way though is association, if you’re around people whatever that endeavor is, it’s a sport you’re in, or if it’s a business or your faith, or your peace. If you begin to associate with people who live in that space at a higher temperature than you through association you can heat it up.


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