Why Am I in a Bad Mood? You don’t have to allow yourself

Take the setbacks, and turn them into valuable information. When you thing within the growth mind set framework of developing your abilities over time in the framework of who you are. All of us have unique things to contribute if we stick to, what we’re doing.

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Every day if you wake up you don’t take control of your day and you don’t dominate the day as best you can start to finish. Life is going to own you. You know if you’re waking up with a negative attitude you have to really step back and self-assess why am i in a bad mood? And you have to work from that minute to forward to build that toll on your belt if you will to be able to assess it address it apply it if you will, and them move forward. If you can do that, life gets exponentially easier and easier and easier every day. Before you know when you’re working with greater efficiency more confidence, more determination and you set yourself on a path to truly self-generate success. But more importantly you’re happy.

The groundwork of building self-confidence, is begin to keep the promises you make to you and that’s why it’s important to begin to make small promises, if you’re going to get up at a certain time in the morning not only do it, but then give yourself credit say i did what i said i was gonna do. If you’re constantly being influenced and moved by what other people think about you, it’s means there’s a deficiency in what you think about you. The number one addiction in the world today, is the addiction to other people approvals. And that’s because we don’t approve ourselves.

You don’t have to allow yourself to be a victim even if you’ve been victimized right? You can transend that, and you can look back and go what could i have differently? Oh my gosh i could have done all things. Awesome. I’m now in control again, right? Being victimized in inevitable. But being a victim, that’s a choice it’s like pain is inevitable, suffering’s a choice.

And you access presence, by bringing awareness to the present moment. It’s that power of now. That’s your most pivotal point of power. That’s your direct access to the universe at all times. And the more present you can be. The more you can release any other resistance that is holding you back energetically from allowing, your desires to flow into your reality.

And remember, that you have incredible power of presence within you. Then you empower yourself to create everything it is in your life that you desire.

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