Some of Your Best Inspiration, Comes With Pricks And Nails.

What’s is your why? Why do you wake up in the morning? Some of your best motivation might come wrapped in sandpaper. Some of your best inspiration, comes with pricks and nails, and some throne around it. Some of your best inspiration, came in a experience that you didn’t ask for you didn’t want and you never want to have again. Some of your best inspiration, some of the very thing that’s fueled your soul, some of the very thing that’s fueled your soul to get you here. Came in an experience that you dare not wish on your enemy.
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The reason why you don’t give 120% is because you ain’t got a why for what you do. One thing i can’t give you is ambition, i can’t make you want something, i can’t want it for you, but once you want something. Now you plug into something very real. You start putting all this stuff together and its like ok, essentially everything falls on my shoulders if you want to be great it’s all down to me and whether i execute on that or not. It’s all down to my ability to say this is the thing i want, this is the gap in skill set between who i am today and who i need to become.


Rather than accept personal accountability for why things didn’t work out o maybe a relationship didn’t work out, or a job or whatever. We often point the finger and you’ll see that’s very common in today’s society. I even caught myself sometimes, when things didn’t happen maybe you want to mentally you know point the finger at someone else this is why this didn’t happen. I have to catch myself and reassign blame because the minute you’re deflecting, the minute you’re redirecting in someone else’s direction all you have done is, is make an insecurity in yourself and you have taken a fear of the realization that the shortcomings lie with you. And try to cover up like i told you that fear is like a it’s like a burning fire or small fire and the minute that you refuse to address it, all you’re doing is putting wood on you are pouring gasoline.


Thought become things, is such a small part of the picture. It’s actually a myth. Because it’s your feelings and your emotions are what manifests. The universe is delivering your experience through how you feel. It’s not the Tesla. On the vision board. The idea of moving towards, i mean that’s fantastic but it’s the feeling that Tesla will give you that feeling that drops down into your heart space. And with that comes the emotional responsibility to guide your energy. That you can rise above fear, you can embrace love, and you can remember your power. And this is why its so important that we don’t push to the side however we’re feeling and we lean into the wholeness of our experience. So when you blame somebody else or you make them responsible for how you’re feeling. Then you’re actually disowning your power. You’re handing over your energy to someone else. 


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