4 life changing lessons to learn from failure to success..

Everyone has a plan after success but no one wants to talk about how to deal with failure if we fail by mistake. Do you have failed in life? If you have not failed, you have tried nothing new in life. You are living in the comfort zone yeah you heard right you are.

People say failure is not an option. No one wants to talk about failure. By the way who wants to fail, no one, because failure is the reason of depression, failure is the reason of giving up and suicide. Thousand and thousand people suicide because of failing in academies, in business, in exams. And sometimes if someone fail in society the society reacts awkwardly like, they have made a crime. You have been told there is no place of failure and you pretended yourself as a failure. Failure is the worst thing can happen with you. But what if I tell you failure is the best thing that ever happened with you.


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There are some great lessons to learn from failure. I am here to bring up to you about 4 lessons from failure.


Failure opens new opportunity

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again but this time more intelligently. You fail at some point, I failed too. Ask your mom and your mom will say you used to fail every single day, when you were a child. Thousand and thousand times you were trying to up, trying to walk but you fall down and you try again and never give up, so why would you have stopped trying again now? Right now you grew old, you can walk, you can stand up so why just you stopped?


Every one of us failed in our life, every successful people you ever know they failed at least once but they never stopped. I have not failed I just founds the 10000 ways that won’t work remember who said this? Thomas Alva Edison. I just fall in love with this attitude. With his persistence. I love the way how he tried relentlessly. Imagine how would be the situation when he failed for the first time, he might be curious he might have told himself that there is another and another and another way. There is another secret way that is invisible right now but I have to find that. Now think he failed 10000 times and I am sure he felt hopeless many times, but he never gave up, never stopped trying. Every time he failed he tried again with the hope there is another way.


So, if you failed once or ten times, don’t stop, try again. If you failed think about Thomas Alva Edison. I thing it will give you hope and motivation.


Failure build character

Why do we fall? So we can learn to pick ourselves up remember this line? I always remember this line from the movie batman begins. Life does not give us easy road it gives tough way to make us touch to build our character. Life I not gonna be easy, life is not going to go as you planes. It takes sometimes opposite road. There may would be cliff and mountains and you have to pass them its not going to be easy. If life would be easy everyone would be at the top, everyone would be the champion, the hero! Then what kind of person would be? What kind of character would you have? There would not be any value of you because everybody is champion so nobody would care about you. So, stay on the tough road that you chose walk and run on that road. Maybe you failed maybe you fall down, maybe you think right now, life sucks, this is not fair. This is the worst thing that happened to me but the truth is failure makes us to realize that who we are, failure builds our character/ when we fall in that moment if we pick ourselves up the entire world would recognize us as unstoppable and that would be our character unstoppable.


Failure is a great teacher

Michael Jordan consider as a greatest basketball player ever in the world, but what costs him to be the best basketball player ever in the world? Some epic failures. He said I have missed over 9000 shots in my career, I have lost 300 hundred games in my life and 26 times I have been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I have failed over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed. Failure is my teacher. I always took lessons from failures and these failures and mistakes help me to become better version of mine. 


So, if you failed, pretend it like it’s your teacher. It trying to teach you something, its trying to teach some influential lessons. And if you do it, you will be the greatest in the world. You will feel that in your heart.


Failure is not an option so rise

Maybe you failed in life right now, the situation is tough for you. Maybe you failed in business and you gave up after failing and never gave it a second chance, because you don’t want to fail again, so you gave up! But our greatest glory is not in failing but in rising every time we fall. Of course, failure is not an option. So, why don’t you choose to rise instead of giving up, why do you stop trying? You stopped because you failed.


Look back in the history JK Rowling the author of the Harry Potter, she admitted that things were the biggest failure because things did not go as a she planned. During writing the harry potter her mom died and left her alone, also her marriage failed and had a child to raise alone. But this not the end when she sent her manuscript to the publisher, 12 publishers rejected it. What about the world Disney who was fired for not having imagination, good idea.


Now their history lives in our heart. We always remember their story. But it doesn’t matter how many times you fall or failed but it’s a matter how many times you rise. So if you failed, rise again don’t ever stop, don’t try to give up. Rise and start again.


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