Stop Waiting For Permission To Move Forward..

those days that you don’t wanna do anything, where you’re too tired, too sore, you just don’t feel like it. those days, those are the days that count. when you have those feelings, its even more important to step up and get some. if you got something to do, don’t put it off until tomorrow. don’t do that. don’t voluntarily do anything tomorrow that you should be getting done today, get it done today. don’t wait. attack it, destroy it, and move on.


stop waiting for something to move you and move yourself. you’re your biggest problem. everything is external that moves you. now I want you to start moving yourself internally. I want you to be able to push your buttons. and not let anything else push your buttons. you gotta move you. every single day. if you get a point in your day you’re down and out, if you get to a point in your day and you’re exhausted, you get to a point in your day and you’re not feeling it, you can stop right there and change the mood. nobody controls your mood, you control your mood. you control your feelings.


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I don’t care how small it is, I don’t care how minuscule the movement is, but make movement. move forward, and do that every single day, no matter what. including today. you aren’t getting any closer to your 5 years plan, or 7 years plan or 10 years plan , or any plan that you’ve got, unless you get up and start getting after it today. 


you’re your biggest problem. everything is external that moves you.

I woke up one day and stopped making excuses, I woke up one day and stopped playing the blame game, I woke up one day and looked at the man in the mirror and was like, yoh bro what are you doing? wake up, its showtime, lets go. get up, go to the class, get up do your homework, get you run for your dreams, get up go to the gym, work on your gift, it was given to you, but you gotta hone it. and the reason why some of you are not where you’re supposed to be, you’ve given yourself an option. yo have given yourself an out. you have given yourself in excuse, but you have what it takes to do it.


the problems with some of you reading this blog, you don’t have no drive. you aren’t got nothing pushing you. you have no reason. you better find one before you get out of here today. you don’t belong at the bottom, and its time for you to get your butt from down there. its time for you to stop being comfortable at the bottom, get your butt up, and get to where you’re supposed to be.


you are royal priesthood, get where you belong, do what you’re supposed to do, live like you’re supposed to live.


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