5 Steps to Developing a Tiger Like Attitude..

The easiest thing in the world is to give up or quit, the hardest thing is to rise and move on but the moment you decide to not give up you are no longer a cat you become a tiger. A great roar arises in your heart, the roar of rise, rise from hard times rise when you failed, rise from darkness.

A lion can be the king of the jungle, he can be the beast in the jungle but the tiger is the king of the beast. A tiger is always two times more powerful than lion, if a tiger and lion get into one on one fight there is minimum 80 percentage chance that tiger would win. And the reason is it’s not about who has sharper teeth who has more furious face, they both have sharper teeth and furious faces. Its about the sharper mind, tiger has sharper mind. Tiger is more ferocious than a lion, a lion is a lazy cat he sleeps for minimum 20 hours a day and he keep his body away from water most of the time, he doesn’t climb trees. But tiger sleeps minimum 18 hours a day, tigers are great walkers. They can walk 30 miles in searching of prey and also, they are great swimmers and the hardest thing is tiger hunts difficult and largest prey like crocodiles, Rhinos elephant on its own. A Bengal tiger can hunt the Indian gaur all alone the largest wide cattle species in the world, while a lion can’t even hunt a mere African bison. This quality makes the tiger a king of the beast. 


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I want to tell you in details and on step by step what makes a tiger to be the king of the beast, what attitude makes him great in the world, so here are 5 attitudes of tiger that you can learn to have great and powerful attitude in life.


Tiger lies low not from the fear but for aim

You may have seen tiger lying low but don’t you make a mistake of thinking that he is afraid because when he lies low he is strongly focused on something on his goal and aim. If you can’t believe it and then look at his eyes, his eyes will tell everything. When a lion found a prey, he attacks it suddenly but a tiger never gonna attacks suddenly. He will aim it he will focus on it he will take time before attacking, so stay calm before you take an action and aim for your goal properly, put focus on your dream and take time for it. No matter what other people think about you, don’t get distracted get low if it needs to but whenever the times comes take an action towards you dream like a tiger, show them who you are.


A tiger does not shout its Tigritude in an act.

It means a tiger will never stands in the jungle and say im the tiger he acts. We know him as a tiger not because of his roaring but of his attitude how he hunts, how fast he runs and how intelligent he is. Just like that do not blow your trumpet, do not makes the noise with what you win what you got. You should only blow trumpet in such a way that is nice to hear rather than noise to hear. Don’t travel saying who you are or what you achieve, let your achievement and abilities speak for you and remember the advice of frank ocean “Work hard in silence let your success be your noise”.


Tigers hunt at night

 It means tiger hunts in dark they sleep during the day time. The darkest path is the hardest path and he, who take the darkest path who take the hardest road is unstoppable. Nothing can stop him. Tigers always takes the hardest road whether other animals runs away from it they say no but the tiger says yes “ I wanna to walk on the hardest road” I am not scared of darkness I born in the darkness and this is my attitude, I play in the darkness and this is what makes me different from others, this is how I rise, rise is my roar, rise is my sign.


Tiger’s mind is sharp

They are intelligent more than lion. Tiger keeps their mind that can be a fight or a hunt. Being fast aggressive and dangerous is not bad but using your mind is important because it changes the whole game sometimes. So, don’t just focus on your body, don’t think about how big your body is, think about how big and powerful your mind is because look the tiger always hunts the largest animals who are always bigger than him. Because his mind is sharper, he studies focuses on the largest animals before hunting and that is why he is able to hunt the largest animals. So, watch reflect and study your natural surroundings for signs of change an opportunity.


The male tiger waits for female and cubs to eat first

Every family has a real man, every family has a legend who breaks all odds, who takes responsibility for his family, who takes care for his family. Tiger is that legend, I just get amazed how such creatures can have a strong sense of fairness, it is remarkable and if that animal has that kind of sense then why not us as we are human.


Tiger teaches us a great lesson, take responsibility for you and your family, be that legend. Sacrifice to put others first, it doesn’t matter how powerful you are as an individual but how much you are willing to help others to life up.


Share with your loved ones and help them to feel their confidence.


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