Average Person You and I Have About 75,000 Thoughts a Day..

Your mind is a weapon and you’ve got to be in to use it and pick that weapon up and control it. Most people are out of the control with their mind, they don’t point it at something and they let the world point it and they misfire all the time. I want you to pick up that weapon that is your mind and begin to the point it as the things you want. Knowing that it is a magnet that draws to you the things in your life that you would most like to have.


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The most successful people i know are the most self-aware

The most successful people i know are the most self-aware meaning they’re aware of what they do and they’re also aware of what they think, they’re aware of how they’re perceived. Do you ever think about what you think about because if you did and if you took control of that you could alter the direction of your entire life? Most people never take the time to take an inventory about their thoughts yet our thoughts control our world. Our thought is like magnets, they literally draw towards us that is which we obsess about and so most people never take the time to analyze what they think about. 


Average person you and i have about 75000 thoughts a day rattling around in this thing we call “brain”.

Average person you and i have about 75000 thoughts a day rattling around in this thing we call “brain”. The crazy thing is 91% of those thoughts are identical to the previous day and are identical to the day before that and the day before that then we wonder why our life seems to repeat itself over and over again. So, really the difference in our life if we have 75000 thoughts a day here is the crazy thing 91% of them exactly the same and the separation our life is in those 9% of thoughts. That is why people say all the time the difference between winning and losing is so small if its almost too scary to talk about and really, we have identified what it is. It is 9% of what we think about alter the direction of our life. You have got to hone in and get aware of what you think about and then alter those 9% of the thoughts that are variable on daily basis to serve you. Because if you don’t these thoughts become like viruses, they are viruses in our minds. What happens in a computer when it gets a virus it slows down, it becomes sluggish and it doesn’t function in its optimal level, same thing with our thinking. If we don’t get those 9% of our thoughts to serve us and our lives go in a completely different direction. So, remember this. 


You don’t see things in your life as they are, you see thinks in life as you are and so the more you alter you the more you begin to see things differently which is amazing about this is we control who we are by what we think about. Everything in life is that way as well and it always begins with a thought, when we think a new thought here’s it literally happens. Thinking a new thought literally opens a space up in our minds, in our lives and in our heart, that never existed before prior to having that thought. It is like a brand-new space you have created just by thinking it and what happens is your unconscious mind goes to work on filling that damn space with the people, places, resources and things to fill it up like a room in an architect wood, to fill up that space and fully furnish it. That is the power of how we think. So, you have got to begin to think about the thinks you want to materialize in your life on a regular basis, and think about it repetitiously. Literally the things that we obsess about that become the things that we possess in our lives.


Most people those variable 9% of the thoughts is the new thing they are worried about, the new fear they have, the new responses to an email they have to make, and they never dictate the terms.


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