When You Stay In The Comfort Zone And Avoid Doing The Temporary Uncomfortable..

when you stay in the comfort zone and avoid doing the temporary uncomfortable things you end up in a situation that is ultimately more uncomfortable. many people in this world that will find themselves in a situation that they feel comfortable. maybe they’re making enough money, maybe they’re you know in good enough shape, maybe they are having decent personal relationships, maybe they have college degree, maybe they have decent job or maybe they well set now or maybe they better than you or maybe they are rich. you know they’re not terrible but they are also not great, People get in this mentality and in this routine of staying where they are being comfortable doing what they normally do, because everything else to change it would require some sort of temporary uncomfortable situation for them.

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what you are doing in the short term to make yourself comfortable is killing your potential, it is killing what you could be, it is killing your ultimate life.


every time you avoid the gym because it is hard and you don’t want to sweat

every time you avoid the gym because it is hard and you don’t want to sweat and you don’t want to do the work and you are watching the walking dead on TV. every time you do that you are taking a step towards a more uncomfortable life. every time in your career, in your job, in your business that decide to take off early or put off till tomorrow, or you know wait until next time or we will do better next time or skip the little details. every time you do that to present yourself with a more comfortable situation now, you are putting yourself in a situation that is ultimately going to make you more uncomfortable later.


so, quit doing what is comfortable now, start doing what is going to make you comfortable later.


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