It’s Just So Fun to Live a Life, Where You Are Not Worried About Other People’s..

It’s just so fun to live a life, where you are not worried about other people’s opinions. When you are not dwelling on the past, when you lack the ability to expect things from others, because what is leads to is just a whole lot of happiness.

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You just don’t know me and I don’t know you and I don’t fully know my mom and she doesn’t fully know me, i am being serious. We all know this, only you know you, so why are you letting somebody else’s judgment, dictate your behavior? The people’s opinions that matter that most to you are they things that you are most vulnerable to and you need to hack that, because i am watching people completely live their lives based on other people’s opinions. You will never ever win. Playing a game that somebody else loves more than you, the reason so many of you want to win right now so fast is you want to show people you won. You are literally doing what you are doing because somebody told you or somebody you know made money in it and, we have to break that.


The path to happiness is actually wanting to work 15 hours a day whether you work nine or eleven or two or thirty


The path to happiness is actually wanting to work 15 hours a day whether you work nine or eleven or two or thirty, the key is you have to like it. Most people have no interest in putting in the deeply deep hours of work required to actually be successful. There’s no shortcut or system or program or magic formula. If you want to build something that’s meaningful and sustain it, it takes an obnoxious amount of hard work. If you think there’s a hack, a secret, a system or quick path, humans are smart everybody would then do it.


Do you know how many people right now are plotting and saving to buy a piece of clothing, why? I’ll tell you why, they want to wear that piece of clothing, rock that handbag, have those sneakers to show everybody else that they’re successful. The problem is you need to pay attention to who listens to you crying, let me give you a preview to who listens to you crying and compiling about, the other losers in your life. It is one big circle of everybody complaining to everybody that the system and everybody else is wrong and its three people sitting on a couch not will to do anything.


My friend accountability and lack of entitlement lead to happiness. The reason i am not interested in talking about becoming a millionaire is because i know thousands of millionaires who are miserable. We are just caught, caught in judgment and insecurity, trying to impress people we don’t even like. Makes no sense and it needs to stop, we need to make happiness the north star of our society. I am done with people saying like I’d rather cry in my Ferrari that’s the stupidest statement of all time. People say like that when they don’t realize what crying is. Depression is horrible, unhappiness is horrible. You are living this life for yourself. The way for you to be selfless and love everybody else is to start with being selfish for yourself. Make yourself happy, you are not making anybody happy if you are not happy.


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