There Are No Excuses For Not Living Up To Your Fullest Potential..

What do you want in your health? What do you want financially? Like how much money do you want to make a year? What do you want to drive? How do you want to live? Stop just waking up like an accident, what do you want? And then once you find out what you want spend the rest of your natural life, waking up and going after it.

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There are no excuses for not living up to your fullest potential, no excuse. What changed? I changed and i stopped being a victim, i stopped saying i have gotta wait for good things to happen to me and i said i am going to grind, i am going to fight, i am going to work, i am going to press toward or i am going to learn, i am going to do everything in my power. Every single day i am going to do everything in my power to become a victor and not a complaining victim.

winners win, and losers lose

Now let me say this before we move forward and i can’t explain it, but you better feel me, winners win, and losers lose. And if you create a culture of losing, if you keep being a victim, if you keep letting losing happen to you, if you keep letting people do you and treat you any kind of way and it is gonna become a culture.


We don’t have a business cards, we don’t have a five-year plan, we don’t have a three-year plan, how do you do it then? We wake up and grind. Winners win and i focus more on winning than i focus on structure. I focus on wining and when you become a winner and they start seeing you with winners.


You are not brave enough, you want to put in somebody else

You are not brave enough, you want to put in somebody else. The reason why i am not successful is because of my boss, have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror and said i am not getting up on time, i am not going to work on time, i am not putting in 120 percent when i am at work. I let me down. You always want to blame other people, you want to hold other people to the fire but you are not holding yourself to the fire. You just said you giving 50 percent, you owe you an explanation, you need to look at yourself in the mirror and say why are you only giving 50 percent, what is wrong with you?


You need to put yourself on punishment, you need to tell you no more tv, no more snacks, no more desserts and no more dumb excuses we are working out now. No more alcohol, not right now not, no i can handle it right now. You need to tell you that you owe you something.


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