Sometimes Horrible Things Happen To Good People. Life Isn't Fair..

The key with me is, no one will outwork me. No one. I love and respect you guys, you won't outwork me. All starts with this. Two hands, putting in the work. You cannot erase the work ethic part. There is no getting around. Ain't no elevator to the top, you got to take the stairs. The elevator doesn’t go to the top man. Not in the world of success. You gotta take the stairs. Y'all gotta start getting gritty man.

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I hate it when I see young people wasting their time, wasting all this technology they got, just sitting around in this world that's been created for you, and everything is instant. But if you could combine your technology with your parents and your grandparents work ethic, you could be rich man. Just ask yourself this week, do people know you for your work ethic? Are people like, man you work hard? Are people actually commenting about you showing up early and staying late? Cause if they're not, you're just blending in with everybody else's work ethic. 


At the end of the day, talent will not win the game. It is work ethic that will win the game.

At the end of the day, talent will not win the game. It is work ethic that will win the game. You gotta get gritty man. You gotta develop some dog in you. You got to get messed up sometimes. You gotta get dirty, you gotta get your feelings hurt, you gotta get disappointed, you gotta get told no, but in order to get the life of convenience, you gotta have a very uncomfortable life. You got to get comfortable being uncomfortable. And you're always gonna have haters, and haters are like, "Well, damn man, how much sh*t are you gonna do? Like you do a lot of." I say yes. It's my ambition. Of course. You gotta work every day Doesn't end. And when goes bad and it goes sideways, or you coming through this injury, or people are writing you off, it should drive you. 


Every time you practice you don't care what the circumstance

If you gonna get it, you gonna have to have that dog. You got an opportunity, so here's the deal, when you have an opportunity, why would you give 80%, 70%? Why wouldn't you always give 120%? From today on, you play whatever your best game is, you play that level every single time. Every time you practice you don't care what the circumstance is, what the situation is, every single time, you giving 120%. It doesn't mean you're gonna score every time, but you can always give 120% effort.


Sometimes horrible things happen to good people. Life isn't fair. And it can be heart wrenching. And if you're having one of those dark days, it's okay. It's okay. It's okay to feel that darkness. When challenges and issues come back to back to back to back, and it seems like, "Something is after me, something is attacking me, something is attacking my journey." Look for the lesson in it all. 


You will grow through what you go through. The question is, are you willing to go through it? When those bad things happen, what are you going to do? Are you gonna let this horrible situation dictate the way you feel and the way you handle it? Are you gonna fall over and fall down, and fall apart? Or are you going to face this issue with courage, and with resolution? You know darkness. So embrace. Embrace that darkness. Don't look away from it, own it. 


Step up to the challenge. No matter what you face, start walking. Take that step. Every day, no matter what you are facing, get up and start walking. And never surrender. And remember that even in the most wretched times, when you face darkness yourself, no matter how bad things get, remember not to stop, remember not to pause, remember not to hesitate, remember to put one foot in front of the other, take that first step, and start walking. And we will fight. And in fighting, we will win. And if not the battle, and if not the war, we will win because our spirit, it will never surrender. And that is the ultimate victory. To hold your head high. And even in the face of inescapable defeat, to stand and to fight, that is to win. Don't allow yourself a switch off button. I know there's always an answer. 


No matter how dark that place may be, there's always a way out. You just gotta keep going. Hold on to that fundamental quality of faith. Have faith. That on the other side of your pain is something good.


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