Your Past Does Not Equal to Your Future..

The best people I know have a focus on the future and use their time in the present, too many of you are focused in the past and are thinking all the time about the future dreaming and aren’t taking advantage of the present. The present is a gift and we need to treat it as such, the past it literally gone forever and in many cases it’s a figment and a manipulation of our imagination.

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The future is grand and powerful and we need to be focused there and thinking about it and dreaming about it because we are pulled towards it but the best people can simultaneously be dreaming and optimistic about the future and take a massive action right now. Most of the max-out achievers I know in my life spend almost zero percent of their time on the past. It is wasted time, you are wasting your golden time, you are stealing and robbing your future and your present by focusing any of your attention or thoughts on the past. The past if it is negative and wasn’t positive for you, this place you should avoid forever, its not coming back, it doesn’t exist anymore.


All we really truly have this moment right now and our dreams about the future, if the past was wonderful and you were high school quarterback or had a business victory or got a college degree or had an achievement there, those things are not your present and are not your future and dwelling on them and focusing on what you have done previously is not going to produce for you to future.


Your past does not equal to your future, what will equal your future is what you do in the present

Your past does not equal to your future, what will equal your future is what you do in the present, what you manipulate your golden present days and how you handle the time right now. If the earth spins around once we call that a day, if the moon goes around us once we call that a month, if we go around the sun once we call that a year. It is just stuff people made up. So, time is a figment of our imagination and if you’d use your imagination, imagine what you could accomplish if you shrunk the time frames down.


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