I Challenge You Guys To Become People Who Do Instead

In any area of your life that you want to change. There's one fact that you need to know. You're never going to feel like it. There are those of you in this blog. You're average. You have no business being average. But now you've justified it. You've come up with these great reasons of why you can't wake up at 03:00 in the morning. You come up with these great reasons why you can't get up at five. You have these great reasons of why you half to do everything why you don't execute, why you don't finish, why you don't follow through, why you say you will exercise and you do it for about ten days and you quit. You've got an excuse for why you're average. 

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Think about the things that you tell yourself, the lies you used to rationalize, taking the easy road. You don't have time. You don't have support. You don't know the best way. You're too busy. and you're too tired, or you're too sore, or you're just plain not feeling it. Lies, lies, lies. And the list goes on and on and it doesn't stop if you don't make it stop. Recognize the excuses are not valid. They're conjured up, they're fabricated, they're lies. And how do you stop the lies? You stop the lies with the truth. But the truth is you have time. You have the skill. You have the knowledge and the willpower and the discipline to get it done. Cast out the lies. Burn them down. So easy to put things off. So easy to say you can do it tomorrow. Well, I want you to reprogram your brain and tell yourself that tomorrow is not a viable option. Tomorrow doesn't work. You do it today, you get it done today. That’s what you do.


I challenge you guys to become people who do instead of people who talk about doing. I challenge you to not be the person who posts success. Meme after success, meme after success, meme after success, meme with no improvement in your life. Success is about doing it's not about talking. And no matter how much positive you try to put out, no matter how many success memes you think you're going to post, it's not going to be your year. If you don't learn to be someone of action.


you will have to pay the price. There is a price tag to greatness. If you don't get anything, you will have to work for every single thing you get. And you got to work every single day. You got to wake up every day at work. And not only do you got to wake up every single day at work, you got to outwork everybody. Successful people. While you're whining and crying about how things are hard and why things aren't fair, guess what they're doing? They're doing the work. You can't snap your fingers and become somebody else. You have to commit to becoming better. You have to commit to being a person of action you have to commit to being someone who doesn't just talk but follows through. Aren't you sick of not hitting your goals? Aren't you sick of being the same as you are every fucking year? If you tell yourself you're going to do something you need to do it. If you tell yourself you're going to be something you need to be it be an example for yourself, be an example for your family. Be an example for your friends of someone who can't.

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