There Is No Excuse For Not Being The Hardest Worker

 Tell me one thing in your life that is great, that came as a result of being comfortable. Because everywhere I look and everywhere I see in today's society, everybody's doing everything thing they can to be more comfortable. They're looking for the more convenience they're looking for, the quicker they're looking for, the faster and see there's opportunity in that. For those of you who want to get better, because I'm going to tell you right now, all the reasons that these successful people that you look up to, that you aspire to be like Are the way they are, have all come from a place of being uncomfortable. Understand that when you're trying to avoid the pain, when you're trying to avoid the struggle, when you're trying to avoid the hard things, you are actively choosing to be average. You are actively choosing to be mediocre, and you are actively choosing to move further away from what you want in life because that hardship and that pain and that struggle, they give you the skills that will forge you into a champion. 

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We do not retreat. We do not give up. We do not surrender. And the reason why most of you are not successful is because every single time, stuff not going your way, you give up. You quit. You let go. And people feel weakness. They feel it. You can feel when somebody's not committed, when they're not all in, when they're not dedicated. And there's another level you get to when you go all in, look at your belief system every single day and stick with it. Don't rush the process. Trust the process. Don't rush the process. Trust the process. Don't rush the process. Trust the process. 


People who do stuff consistently and on time, they surpass people who talented and gifted. You guys have got to believe in yourself. Head-strong, mentally tough. Its the only way to divulge your life. Winners. The difference between them and the spectators is the winners have a belief that overrides the crowd's disbelief every single time. Their belief is so strong, even though they hit failure, they get knocked on the ass. They're finding the intestinal force to stand back up again, face that same challenge, learn these little grievous mistakes and make it happen. Winners fail a million times. What makes them a winner is that they believe in her head strong. Nothing's going to stop them. 


There is no excuse for not being the hardest worker. Yeah, don't let me bigger, stronger, faster, or quicker younger, whatever else. But there is no excuse to not be the hardest team worker. There no longer are we going to accept rhymes and society's rhymes. The reason that we are average, average is a weak mentality. We must believe it so much so that we're arrogant about it. The easy route never pays well. The only route in life that pays well is the hard route you're working out. You want to die feel this happening in you feel the pain happening in your legs as you bet out one more squat because it will be all the more pleasurable when you reach the inevitable other end of the spectrum where you're laying in your habits dip another protein shake bore. I really went hard I really went hard on that set. I really went hard in school. Really went hard in my career. I really went hard in life. Go hard die hard.

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