You Become A Champion In The Dark When Ain’t Nobody Looking

Where does the switch come from? The overdrive. It is the thing that allows you to go the extra distance. To dig a little deeper. To push a little harder. It takes both emotion and logic to reach your maximum potential, to really give everything you have, to go beyond your limits. Because emotion and logic with both reach their limitations. And when one fails, you need to rely on the other. When it just doesn’t make any logical sense to go on, that’s when you your emotion, your anger, your frustration, your fear to push further, to push you to say one thing: I don’t stop. And when your feelings are screaming that you’ve had enough, when you think you’re going to break emotionally, override that emotion with concrete logic and willpower that says one thing: I don’t stop. Fight weak emotion with the power of logic. Fight the weakness of logic with the power of emotion. And in the balance of those two, you will find the strength to say to yourself, I don’t stop.

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Everybody wants the prize, but nobody loves the process. Everybody wants to be a champion, but nobody’s willing to put in the work that it takes to be a champion. Everybody wants to hold up the trophy and say man I did it, but nobody is willing to put in the work it takes to do it. I love the process. I love the thought of working for what I want. And I firmly believe you’re never supposed to wish for it more that you’re willing to work for it. Your expectations are never supposed to exceed your efforts. But a lot of people they wish and they’re not willing to work. And the great thing about life, life has a funny way of testing all of us and seeing how bad we really want what it is that we say we want.


Your expectations are never supposed to exceed your efforts. But a lot of people they wish and they’re not willing to work.

When you work for something, it gives you a different type of attachment to it. The harder you work, the hard it is to surrender. That’s what cats can give up so easy. They ain’t got nothing invested. But when a cat work for something, like, when a cat been sacrificing for something, well you gonna have a cold day in hell before take it from him.


You become a champion when ain’t nobody watching you.

You can’t be good and be a legend. You can’t be great, really and be a legend. You gotta be phenomenal. I want you to push for legend. It is the process of the grind that shapes you and forms you, it’s not the game. You think you become a champion on the field? You don’t. You become a champion when ain’t nobody watching you. You doing your own drills, in your own way. You doing what coach tell you to do and you doing your own stuff. You become a champion in the dark when ain’t nobody looking. You don’t become no champion when you put no doggone helmet on. You become a champion the way you eat. You become a champion the way you think. You become a champion in your grind. When nobody knows what you doing, when you putting in those extra reps, when you reading those blogs and getting inspired, when you change your music, and you just get on stage and you shine. It’s the process that makes you sweet.

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