You Better Got Inside. You Still Looking Outside For The Stuff That’s Already Inside

Life is going to happen. And you’re gonna set up a plan and you’re gonna have a vision, and you’re gonna hope that it’s gonna turn out perfect, but so often happens in life is that things get burned. And things go the wrong way. And it’s in that moment that you’re gonna have to choose your reaction. You have a choice to make. Do you have the right reaction or the wrong reaction? Some of us, we’re tempted, i’ll just lay here and it will pass over me. And I am telling you. You will be in a vicious cycle forever. You have to get up.

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Some of you have been knocked out by life. And you got up and saw the blood and say “He hit me.” Sometimes in life you have to hit back. Recycle your pain. Get something from it, you already in pain, use it, do something with it. Allow it to take you to the next level, allow your pain to push you to greatness. What’s your why? You need a why. Why do you need a why? Cause some days you’re gonna say I don’t wanna get up. But that why is gonna say push yourself, get up. Your mama needs you; your daddy needs you, get up. Your why’s gonna push you when you can’t push yourself. When you wanna quit and give up, your why’s gonna give that edge you need, that advantage you need, that life that you need to get to the next level. Your why. 


You better got inside. You still looking outside for the stuff that’s already inside. You still looking for someone to save you when you’re already your superhero.

You better got inside. You still looking outside for the stuff that’s already inside. You still looking for someone to save you when you’re already your superhero. You looking for some information from somebody when you already got what you need in your head. This is time for you to get up and be the best version of you. As you’re going through your go through, when you’re ready to quit, you’re ready to give in because it doesn’t look like you think it should look. You been doing it for 5 years and it don’t look like you think, you put all your money in it, you put all your time in it, people looking at you crazy, 5 years you’ve invested, hold. You have absolutely nothing to do with what happened to you, it’s not your fault. You got knocked on the ground, you have absolutely nothing to do with that and I am not blaming you for that, but if I come back a week later and you still on the ground, that’s your fault. If I come back a year later, you still on the ground? That’s your fault. If you get knocked down, there’s nothing you can do about it, but getting back up has every single thing to do with you. And you will promise me that from this day forward, you will not be defeated.


Why do you keep crying? “why me god? Why did I get MS? Why did I get cancer? Why did my mama die? Why did I get fired?” Do you understand, listen, you got put through that because what that does, that tension produces greatness. Stop running from it and run to it. Stop telling me what you’re going through. The greats, they get to it, they go through it. And the harder it is, the better. Now listen to me, I don’t care if you sick, I don’t care what you’re going through, if you’re not dead, he ain’t through with you yet. As long as you’re waking up, you still in the game. As long as you’re alive, you can still make it happen. As long as there’s breath in your nostrils boo, you’re still in the game, you still can win. Now get your butt up.


I don’t need you thinking about it no more, you’re doing too much thinking, you’re analyzing too much. You talking yourself out of it. “Aw E, I don’t know if this goona work. I tired and it didn’t work.” I just need you to keep moving. I need you to make up in your mind that the only way you can lose if you quit, and I just need you to keep going.


Get emotional if you must, cry if you must, get it out but get your butt back up after you finish crying and put a time limit on the crying.

Get emotional if you must, cry if you must, get it out but get your butt back up after you finish crying and put a time limit on the crying. You say coach, I need 30 minutes. Go takeit. But when you come back after 31 minutes, you better grind. Because if you don’t you’ll be stuck at that adversity for the rest of your life. And some of you are not successful because every single time you run up against a trial, every time you run up against a tribulation, you stop and you cut off beast mode. And what I am here to tell you is, if you say that thing, I am here just like you here, and I promise you, I ain’t leaving without the degree. I will not leave without that goal, I will not leave without that dream, I will not leave this university until I am successful, I will not leave this job, I will not leave this client, I will not leave this opportunity until t get it.


What will you do with your pain? Will you let it break you or will you let it redefine you?

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