9 Fat Burning Foods to Boost Your Metabolism for Weight Loss

How to melt your body fat? Do you know Eating These 9 Top Foods will Melt Your Body Fat. Your fitness journey sometimes feels endless, especially if your metabolism is off. The best way to get rid of extra fat is by setting your body on fat burning mode. This means you need to boost your metabolism to promote fat loss. It might take time, but it works out. 

This brings us to an important question: can certain foods boost your metabolism? Yes! Certain foods can help melt your fat consistently. we will be discussing this. Are fatty fish as good for weight loss as people say? Should you be adding chili peppers and split peas to your diet? I just can’t live without coffee. Do I drink more of it, or skip it altogether?

1. Fatty Fish

Fatty Fish We keep hearing how good fatty fish like salmon is for your health. They provide healthy fatty acids that decrease your risk of a heart attack. The presence of omega 3 fatty acids in fish makes them excellent for your weight loss as well!Wondering why? Oily fish provide you with a high amount of protein and omega 3 Both of these are excellent for weight loss. Protein keeps you full for longer and prevents spikes in blood sugar.

9 Fat Burning Foods to Boost Your Metabolism for Weight Loss

It is these blood sugar spikes that give you those monstrous cravings. Protein also increases your metabolic rate. One study was conducted on a group of 44 adults over a period of 6 weeks. Some of them were given fish oil supplements. Experts found that people who took them lost over a pound of fat. There was also a significant drop in the stress hormone that triggers fat storage in your body. Experts recommend eating at least 100 grams of fatty fish twice a week. This is to gain fat loss benefits.

2. Chilli Peppers

Chill peppers don’t just add heat to your food. They contain powerful antioxidants that reduce inflammation and even help protect your body’s cells from becoming damaged. There is one special fat-burning antioxidant in chili peppers. This is called capsaicin. It’s widely known for its ability to reduce your weight. Capsaicin promotes fullness, prevents overeating, burns calories, and loses body fat fast. So what are you thinking?Make chili peppers a part of your diet, or use powdered cayenne pepper to add flavor to your meals. Just a bit of caution In case you have digestive problems like acid reflux or IBS, consult your doctor first. Introducing chili peppers to your diet will only hurt your digestion. And believe me, chili peppers are one of the worst foods to overeat. So add them in moderation. 

3. Eggs

Eggs There is no denying the fact that eggs are a super food. They’re a powerhouse of nutrition. There was a time eggs had gotten a bad reputation because of the cholesterol levels in yolk. But through research, it’s been proven that this cholesterol is in fact the kind your body needs. So eat whole eggs to protect your heart from disease. That’s not all. Eggs will help you lose weight. They promote the feeling of fullness and reduce hunger. They have high-quality protein, which increase your metabolic rate by about 20 to 35% several hours after you eat them.

4. Nuts

Nuts. Nuts like almonds, walnuts and pistachios are perfect for weight loss. They are nutrient-dense and an excellent snack to eat when you have cravings. Nuts are high in protein, good fat and antioxidants, all of which help you lose weight quickly. Though they are high in calories, you can easily add them to a healthy diet without gaining any weight at all. The key is in moderation and how you eat your nuts. Eat a handful of nuts and make sure they are unsalted. Some people like to roast them in butter, but that’s certainly a big NO if your aim is weight loss. 

5. Yogurt

Not just any yogurt. Full-fat greek yogurt is highly nutritious and simply awesome for your weight loss diet. It has a generous amount of calcium, potassium and protein. All of these nutrients have a key role in your body and impact your metabolism. Another reason why yogurt is wonderful for your body is that it contains probiotics. That is healthy bacteria your gut needs. Probiotics keep your gut healthy and reduce symptoms of digestive disorders like bloating and diarrhea. People with irritable bowel syndrome experience particularly good results with probiotics.

Experts have researched and found that high-protein products protect muscle mass, boost fat loss and keep you full for a longer period. Full-fat Greek yogurt contains a special type of acid that promotes fat burning and weight loss in obese people. So what are you thinking? Make smoothies and salad dressing from this yogurt, or eat it on its own? Just remember to opt for a plain and unsweetened version. Don’t fall for low-fat options, as they don’t contain the special fat-burning acid. 

6. Coconut Oil

Ever heard of MCT oils? They are great if you want to lose weight fast. MCT means medium-chain triglycerides. These are metabolized differently than other fatty acids in your body. Just like the name says, MCT oils are shorter in length. Your body absorbs them easily as they go straight to the liver. The awesome part is the organ doesn’t store them. It instead is used as an immediate source of energy. They will also be converted into ketones, as an alternative source of energy that can be used later. This means you see weight loss results faster. In fact, there have been various studies about this. All of them found that MCT oil increases your metabolism. These oils also reduce hunger and prevent muscle loss while dieting. You know what the best MCT oil is? Coconut! Experts recommend replacing some of the fats from your diet with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil.

It’s best to start with 1 tablespoon initially. After you’ve tested the waters, increase the amount. In short, MCT oils like coconut oil help your body burn fat faster, protect muscles and reduce cravings. 

7. Split Peas

Split peas make for excellent salads, patties and curries. They are so versatile you can add them to any dish you are cooking and they will bring out the taste even more. But that’s not all. Split peas also assist weight loss. They contain a generous amount of vitamins, minerals and fiber. This means you get all your nutrients without high calories. Split peas contain complex carbohydrates. This means they won’t cause blood sugar spikes and instead serve as a good source of energy. And then comes the star nutrient, protein. Split peas offer you a generous helping that keeps you full for longer, reduces hunger and preserves muscle mass. In fact, research has shown that protein from split peas has a greater impact on reducing hunger than milk-derived whey protein. Do you need any more reasons to sneak split peas into your daily diet?

8. Green Tea

This drink deserves all the praise it gets. It’s an excellent health-boosting beverage you can have anytime. Just remember not to add sugar, or else you lose the awesome benefits. If you dislike the taste of green tea, try squeezing half a lemon in it and add just a very small pinch of black salt. You will fall in love. Here’s why its necessary. Green tea protects you against several types of cancer, and reduces the risk of heart disease. It contains caffeine, as well as an antioxidant that promotes fat burning. Try to drink up to four cups daily for the maximum weight loss benefits.

9. Coffee

I don’t know about you but I can’t live without coffee! It’s the first thing I need in the morning. So when I heard that coffee is GREAT for my weight loss, it was like music to my ears. Coffee contains caffeine, which improves your mood, energy level, and even helps you concentrate. Not just that, it also boosts your metabolism, making you lose weight faster.

Research has shown that people who took caffeine an hour before exercising burned twice the amount of fat, and exercised longer than the non-caffeinated group. In fact, experts found that caffeine increases the metabolic rate by 3 to 13%. But remember that only pure coffee provides this benefit, not the high-calorie add-ons like sugar, cream, and high-fat milk. That would defeat the purpose. Ideally, black coffee is great. Although coffee is excellent for weight loss, you might want to avoid side effects like insomnia and anxiety. For this, aim to get between 100 to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. This means around 2 to 4 cups of coffee. The stronger the coffee, the fewer cups you should drink.

Do you love any of these fat-burning foods?Do you plan on including any one of them in your diet?Let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!

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