You Have to Understand that the Struggle is a Privilege..

I want you to think about what you feel when you get dressed up or you put on a tux or you put on a nice suit and you go to an event, and I want you to think about how that feels, I want you to think about how powerful you feel, how successful you feel even if you’re not. What if you woke up every single day with that feeling, what if you woke up every single day with that confidence and you walked around with that everywhere you went, how different would your life be, how different would your relationship be, how different would your career be, but how do we translate that into day to day life because even people who wear suits know that if you wear a suit every day it looser its luster, if you wear a tux every day they call you a waiter, its not the tuxedo its not the dress its not the suit that makes you feel that way, it’s the pride and your attention to details this is how successful people cultivate this feeling over the course of their everyday life. 

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You have to understand that you feeling that way is a direct reflection of how you’re living up to the standards that you know in your heart you hold for yourself. If you miss a workout if you miss meals, if you do a half at your work, if you do half job at home guess what you are not going to have that crazy feeling of super power. But here is the good news its very easy to cultivate this, its starts when you get up in the morning, its starts with taking pride in your appearance, its start with taking pride in your job, its start with taking pride in your discipline, that you know you need to have to become the person that you want to become. Right now, is when everybody else quits, right now is when everybody else is gonna fall behind, right now is when everybody else decides to do something that’s easier or faster or not as hard, and that’s what gets you ahead, that’s what gets you to have pride, because those struggles those feelings, those things that are difficult, they are there to test you. 


You have to understand that the struggle is a privilege

You have to understand that the struggle is a privilege, hardship is a privilege, you have to take pride and not quitting when other people are going to quit. You have to take pride in executing your job to the very best of your ability. Negative emotion, negative frustration is compounding. If you cant figure out how to create a good situation out of the situation where you’re having difficulty, you are in for a long out kicking.


Your whole life is gonna be train wreck, we talk about how the competition is the greatest at the bottom of the pyramid, the reason the competition is greatest at the bottom of the period is because its easy as you not just enduring your struggles, and enduring your frustration but turning them into a privilege, knowing that they’re teaching you a lesson, knowing that other people who aren’t as gritty and tough as you are, while you’re sitting there suffering. Suffering is a privilege.


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