Your Life Belongs to Those People Who are Going to Cross Your Path

Let me just tell you if my life just belonged to me and I knew it to be so I wouldn’t have done half the things I have done with all the discomfort it brought me. all the pyrrhic victories, all the time loss. I have had to surrender, the shield time, the bubble bath time, the time that I surrender so that my life could be of contribution. your life doesn’t belong to you your life belongs to those people who are going to cross your path.

Awareness plus action equals transformation. please don’t skip that plus action part, because action is the antidote for despair. john Baez says, action is the antidote anything that’s not working in your life you have to be in some from of action. 

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if you actually thought about your life in a 50 years window, or 80-year window. you would slow down. everybody wants to succeed so fast because they want to prove something to somebody else.


what do you do about that? you voluntarily accept it,

you develop your gifts, your gifts will take you places, that you will never begin to imagine. life is suffering. right, indisputable. what do you do about that? you voluntarily accept it, and then strive to overcome the suffering that’s a consequence of that. whatever hardness comes, it may be different for you than its for me, but you go back to your insecurities and then then when you go back to your insecurities you look for comfort, within those insecurities.


the major key to your tracking charge of your destiny, is you, and even though you might not have all the things going for you that you would like. you have the power within you as you begin to develop your consciousness as you hold the vision of what it is that you want to do as you decide to enter this small voice within you because as you respond to this voice. that’s telling you ought to do this the way will come, ideas will come to you. you will begin to attract things you need and things that you don’t even know that you need right now.


you have on job in your life for you to make you think about life true

we look for our wife or our husband, we look for comfort, its in those moments you must be retrain your mind. to think differently, you have on job in your life for you to make you think about life true. you want to be right about the life you seek, so of you are going to work hard work hard, to produce the life that you talk about in your mind.


8 billion people need to change the conversation of what success looks like.

I don’t like using the word easy, but I am gonna say it, its never been easier. to make one hundred thousand dollars a year because of this. the problem is everybody thinks you have to make a billion, and the problem is nobody has humility to live a hundred-thousand-dollar lifestyle. I think we have to change the conversation in our society not in south Asia not in America. 8 billion people need to change the conversation of what success looks like. it is not to make a billion dollars. it is to actually wake up in the morning, and be in a good mood. what’s your highest value? it is the star. it is like ok what are you aiming for? you can decide buddy but you know there is some criteria. it should be good for you I mean there’s constraints on what you should regard as a value but within those constraints you have, choice, you have choice.


I figured out the one piece I was missing. I thought it was cars. I thought it was money, I thought it was everything. the one piece I was missing was me having the courage to face myself.


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